Building with you from the ground up

    As our motto implies, we work with our clients from the beginning of projects to the end. As such, our lawyers are experienced in commercial, heavy civil, and residential construction, contract drafting and delivery, government contracting, international construction, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We provide high-value services while protecting our clients' bottom lines.

    Contract Drafting & Delivery

    M&F’s Contract Drafting & Delivery practice group drafts and negotiates an array of construction contracts, including but not limited to Owner-Architect, Owner-Consultant, Project Management, Development Management, Owner-Contractor, and Contractor-Subcontractor agreements. We have extensive experience representing owners (both private and government), contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and design professionals on every type of project—from hotels, houses, and office buildings to schools, hospitals, and power plants.

    Government Contracting

    The special laws and procedures of government contracting are distinctly different from those in the commercial world. Through years of experience, working in and out of government, the lawyers in M&F’s Government Contracting practice group are familiar with the statutes and regulations that prescribe procedures and limitations unique to government contracting. We work with the many related federal statutes including the Buy America Act, the Contract Disputes Act, the Prompt Payment Act, the False Claims Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Miller Act. Contracting in the federal arena often is subject to decisions by government personnel, and we frequently communicate with contracting officers, resident engineers, agency attorneys, and Department of Justice attorneys in Washington, DC and in field offices.


    Our attorneys in the Litigation practice group have a singular focus: litigation and arbitration. While we certainly can (and have) worked in the various other aspects of the practice of construction law, we’ve chosen to work at becoming the best litigators of construction disputes.

    General Counsel Services

    Members of M&F’s International practice group work outside the United States in international forums representing public and private contractors, owners, and governments. Attorneys here provide outside general counsel services to corporations, large and small, here in the United States. Furthering M&F's commitment to Building With You From The Ground Up.

We are proud to announce that Karlee Blank has joined McManus & Felsen LLP as an Associate. Ms. Blank recently graduated from Duke University School of Law and passed the Virginia bar exam.


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Our People

We have extensive experience in international arbitrations. Practice group members belong to groups such as the International Panel of the American Arbitration Association and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).


Our attorneys regularly represent clients before federal and state courts, regulatory agencies, and administrative courts around the world. They are consistently featured and recognized in publications such as Chambers USA, the Washington Legal Times, and the New York Times Super Lawyer.

Our Clients

Our clients include owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, governments (foreign and domestic), architects, and engineers. The depth of knowledge of our attorneys enables us to work diverse sectors of the construction industry.

Legal Services

We specialize in providing legal advice and support to our clients at every stage of the construction process including contract drafting and delivery, government contracting, international and special projects, and litigation.



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